Saturday, April 27, 2013

#DCVPassport Day 1 - Zichichi

IMG_20130428_091644_054This winery had lots of potential – Zinfandel and Petite Sirah. Unfortunately, the visit was marred by the reception we received. We were told that buses weren’t allowed even though we were in a van and could see a similar vehicle already parked. The person guarding the drive wasn’t happy when our driver asked if he could drop us off and park down the road. We were then told that the van/bus already parked there were wine club members and that they had a handicap sticker. Hello, we were potential wine club members…but not after that reception. There was no guidance as to where to go or pairing the food.(which was a great Duck or Pork Tamales from Mateo’s). As we started to leave, the van had a battery problem. There were 3 people from Zichichi standing there laughing and not offering any assistance at all. I don’t care how good the wine is that kind of “service” means we won’t be making a trip back.

#DCVPassport Day 1–Gopfrich Estate

IMG_20130428_091501_444We love coming to this winery because they make good wine and they have some interesting German wine to go with it. Unfortunately, this year the winemaker wasn’t happy with the German juice and didn’t make any German wine. I was also hoping to get some of their Rose..but it was already sold out. Will definitely have to check back next year.

#DCVPassport Day 1 – Lambert Bridge

IMG_20130428_091311_984My camera must have broken when we reached Lambert Bridge because I don’t have any more pictures. Although, in reality I think I was just too busy eating and drinking to take a photo.

2011 Bevill Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc – Shrimp Ceviche served in freshly made tacones

2009 Forchini Vineyard Zinfandel – Wood fired pizza with Cow Girl Creamery Wagon Wheel, braised trumpet royales, white albas and chanterelles (

2006 Sonoma County Merlot – Franco Dunn’s Grilled Toscano Sausages (

2006 Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon – Cabernet-spiked, wood oven braised short ribs on toasted kalamata olive crostini (

After quickly making our way through the “general” passport tasting, we quickly headed to the Liquid Assets Wine Club area where we got to enjoy

2011 Bevill Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc – paired with oysters just harvested that morning

2011 Chardonnay – paired with grilled oysters (harvested that morning)

2009 Crane Creek CuvĂ©e – Lambert Bridge grilled lamb chops.

2009 Limited Selection Cabernet Sauvignon – paired with the wood oven pizza

It is a free-for-all waiting for the lamb chops and pizza to come out of the oven. Note for next year: Need to get there early…they ran out of oysters around 2pm.

#DCVPassport Day 1 - DaVero

IMG_20130427_124253_230DaVero was another new winery for us. DaVero is a certified Biodynamic farm producing high quality wines, award-winning olive oils, jams and other small batch Estate products.They have a very interesting story and produce very good Italian Varietals. The food here was wonderful…great pizza from the food truck and some yummy lamb chops that went great with the Carrignane. And the Sonoma chocolates were wonderful…try the Chocolate Blue Cheese…delicious!

2012 Estate Malvasia Bianca – great brunch wine.

2008 DaVero Sangiovese – pairs with the DaVero Lemon Olive Oil Chocolate

2012 Late Harvest Muscato – goes well with the Davero Olive Oil Chocolate

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