Sunday, July 04, 2010

2010 Fireworks Party

Again, we can't THANK YOU enough for your generosity! We raised over $1100 for out new neighbor Good Neighbor House helping people in the Dayton area through tough times. I am continually amazed at how each of us giving a little can add up to make a big difference. Since December 2008, your support brings the total giving from Smith-Roberts parties to over $6000!

73 people braved traffic, parking, and 500 people in the Firefly Building to view the City of Dayton fireworks. John's cocktails were VERY popular! Now on to the damages! :) In addition to 6 lbs of me, 176 lbs of ice, and all the delicious goodies that you provided, we consumed:

Liquor 2575
Beer 37 bottles
Red Wine 1 bottles
Champagne 4 bottles
White Wine 4

Pop 52 cans
Water 113

Special thanks go to Becky and Sherri for their help!

Thank you for helping us celebrate the 4th of July!

Ann and John

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